IWCE 5G Webinar Series
5G is the biggest buzzword in the industry, seen and heard on virtually every commercial for a carrier network, as well as in other sectors. As with other transitions to a new generation of wireless technology, 5G promises faster data rates. But 5G is designed to also provide other performance characteristics that are important to the critical-communications sector, without the need for a “forklift” replacement of existing network infrastructure.

What 5G Enables

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Yes, 5G will provide faster speeds, but it is designed to do much more than that. Low latencies, greater resiliency and the ability for a network provider to provide users with performance guarantees are among 5G’s key promises. Such robust connectivity is expected to change the way that tasks are approached—for instance, leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology—in many sectors, including public safety, government (smart cities), utilities (smart grid), health care (telehealth/remote surgery), and transportation (autonomous vehicles).

5G and Wireless Sites: Siting, NIMBY and Smart Communities

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To deliver faster speeds and lower latencies, 5G requires end users to be closer to a cell site. That means many more cell sites are needed than for 4G. While this will require some new towers to be built, the vast majority of the new sites will be located on existing structures—buildings, streetlights, utility poles, etc.—that have access to fiber or other broadband backhaul. This webinar will examine the implications of these new realities, including the choices that local jurisdictions will need to make when approached with carrier proposals to deploy many small cells at once.

The 5G Ecosystem: What’s Real and What’s Hype?

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5G offers tremendous promise with ultra-high data speeds, low latency and greater reliability being some of the ultimate features. But not all of those capabilities will be available on Day 1, and some aspects may take longer than others. In this webinar, panelists when things like 5G devices, 5G test equipment, 5G coverage and design tools and network slicing—all within the context of non-standalone vs. standalone 5G—will be available in the marketplace.

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