Coverage and Connectivity Series
To say that being connected is essential in the modern world is an understatement. But even the best provider doesn’t cover the entire country. Driven primarily by poor business opportunities, vast rural areas and urban locations that are in large buildings or are underground are candidates to be “dead zones” in wireless coverage. In this series, we examine coverage and reliability issues for broadband wireless technologies.

Basic Coverage and Interoperability: Connectivity from 3G to 5G

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Being connected has become like the air we breathe—vital to the everyday life for citizens, businesses, critical infrastructure and first responders. As carriers prepare to retire 3G systems, the 4G and nascent 5G and CBRS networks will need more cell sites to deliver greater capacity, redundancy and reliability as broadband continues to support increasingly important applications for public-safety, smart-cities, smart-grid, smart-building and autonomous-vehicle initiatives. Interoperability between these systems is crucial, as are quality of service, priority and preemption capabilities.

In-Building Coverage: First Responder and Citizen Safety

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In the event of a crisis, reliable communication is essential for public safety personnel and first responders. But many buildings lack coverage, which hampers communication for both citizens trying to call 911 and first responders. This webinar will examine ways to plan and design public-safety network designs for LMR and LTE coverage that first responders and the general population can depend on.

Coverage Where It’s Needed: Deployable Networks

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Getting coverage where there isn’t any—perhaps in a rural area, the middle of a body of water, after a disaster—or where additional capacity can have a huge impact on a response effort—maybe even making the difference life and death, in some scenarios. With limited connectivity and backhaul, you need a solution that must be transportable, resilient, secure and cost-effective. Hear examples of new technologies that are portable, turnkey, broadband-speed fast, boost coverage and able to survive in non-ideal conditions.

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