Smart Cities to Inspire You in 2020

Smart Cities to Inspire You in 2020

More and more cities are committed to smart city initiatives and have stepped up their investments in technology projects.

Cities seem to be concentrating their efforts into several priority areas. Mobility is one critical area, with cities investing in both intelligent traffic management and advanced public transit. Public safety is always a priority and cities are making substantial investments in fixed video surveillance. Smart grids also continue to generate investment, as do smart streetlights since they can form a foundation for other smart cities initiatives.

According to the IDC Worldwide Smart Cities Guide, these areas accounted for more than half of all smart cities spending in 2019.

We've prepared this guide to highlight some enterprising smart cities projects in key areas like:

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Video Surveillance
  • Data Analytics
  • Emergency Communications
  • Drones

Inside you'll find projects in the 5 key areas mentioned above that are delivering significant results.